Corporate Overview

Since 1996, The Millennium International Group (MIG) has applied an integrated approach to international economic development. We use our practical experience and in-depth knowledge to facilitate market-driven business solutions that benefit our business partners. Our vision is to believe in the value of people and ensuring our work is rooted in honesty, integrity and respect.

MIG’s flexibility, reliability, adaptability, human and capital resources, imagination and discretion make MIG qualified in the areas of international project development, project financing, and international trade and barter. Through worldwide contacts, financial networks and human resources permit MIG to conduct transactions involving an incredibly broad spectrum of international projects. Our broad spectrum of expertise includes:  single turn-key manufacturing operations, financial services, telecommunication networks, gold and gemstone mining, private and institutional equity investments, and international trading. Some of our real estate development and construction projects include;  casino/hotels, vacation resorts, power plants, international airports improvements and  the design and development of an entire new city.

Through the utilization of our hands-on experienced staff consisting of corporate members, multinational corporate strategic alliance partners and professional business associates, MIG offers vast resources for business, financial and technological consulting. One of our strategic strengths is the ability to deliver coordinated advice on cross-border transactions. MIG connects businesses, technology and money centers to secure and complete multifaceted projects .

Real Estate Development

Casinos/Hotels | Resorts | Power Plants | City Planning

International Investment

Banking | Equity Investments | Financial Services

International Trade

Import | Export | Trade Negotiations

International Consulting

Corporate Strategy | Financial Consulting | International Relationships

Our History

Since its inception in 1996, MIG has assembled one of the richest talent mixes, hands-on experienced team, composed of multinational senior business executives and professionals from different ethnic and racial groups with diversified background in international banking, investment fund management, project finance, law, securities and taxes, gold and gemstone mining operations, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and product distribution, commercial and residential real estate development, including casino hotel resorts. With the global approach to client service delivery, MIG addresses complex business challenges with consistent methodologies across industry and national boundaries.

MIG are unique, we are native born in the region, but educated and working in the US and EU. We gained actual experience in the international corporate and multicultural practices from extensive experience as senior executive management of multi-national corporations. We have unique hands-on experience from being on the ground during China first year’s “Open Policy” in 1979, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos in 1989, the former Soviet Union in 1992 and Myanmar in 2013.  The accumulation of this extensive and rich experience creates the basic foundation for The Millennium International Group’s creativity, innovation and success.