The  Millennium International Group, PLC ( MIGPLC  ) is a Cambodia Public Limited Company starting in June 2008 as a private limited liability company and transformed to the public limited company in September 2010.

Currently, MIGPLC owned and controls of two gold and gemstone mining concessions in Samlot and Pailin districts of Battambang and Pailin provinces of the Cambodia.

Gold and Gemstone Mining Concession # 1 is located  in the Stung Sangke Area of the Samlot and Pailin districts of Battambang and Pailin provinces of the Kindom of Cambodia. The mining operation area consists of 84.51square kilometers ( 8,451 hectares ) which is mainly made up of friable formation. These block formations are made up of sand and clay but also contain gemstones and gold. This concentrated mining area is located along a 25km stretch of the Sangke River terrace which is ideal for utilizing dredger vessel exploration technology, combined with exploitation technology using heavy equipment.

Gold and Gemstone Mining Concession  # 2 is located in Plum Ta Det area of the Samlot and Pailin Districts, Battambang and Pailin Provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The mining operation area consists of 189.90 square kilometers (18,990) which features hilly terrain along with many valleys and lakes. The majority of the valleys are separated by spring level I and II and the Sangke River. The hills are approximately 100 meters high and the topsoil of about 40 meters deep is the resultant of tropical formation which disintegrates hard rock formations into finer materials. This soil condition makes it ideal to mine gemstones and gold using heavy equipment exploitation methods and/or high pressure water technology.

The river valley terrain of the mining concession #2 extends about 30km towards the West and North. Placer deposits of eluvia, diluvia and alluvia deposits, containing gold and precious stones, are located along this river valley and conveniently accessible to open pit mining using dredging vessels and heavy equipment technologies.

Both of these mining areas are also very well known to the world for their production of rubies and sapphires during the Pol Pot regime. This land field is characterized by alluvial and eluvia placers that were formed during the destruction of basaltic lavas.

During the Pol Pot regime, a small part of the mineral deposits were exploited by Thai companies. Due to the conditions of the war, the Thais could only exploit gemstones from alluvial deposits, and the eluvia deposits were untouched and unexploited

According to the result of geological studies and mineral investigations of Asian and Pacific Economic Development Plan (ESCAP ), the 19th century by French, Chinese geologists, Cambodia General Department of Mineral Re4ssources have indicated significant mineral potential including gold (Au ), sapphire and ruby in the provinces of Battambang and Pailin But, the reserves of those mineral resources have not been evaluated for the development and mining.

Beginning on 2007 MIGPLC conducted on site surveys of the following  locations:

1. Field on-site surveys at 07 mineral spots at Ratanakiri, Kratie ,Mondulkiri, Pursat, Preah Vihear, SiemRem Reap and Khampong Cham provinces from 8/8 – 02/10/2007.

2. Field on-site surveys at 06 mineral spots at Samlot, Rotanak, kandal, kampot, Pailin and Battambang districts from 06/10 – 30/11/2007

Extensive on-site exploration and survey work have been completed on the two above  mentioned MIGPLC licensed areas, including the verification of targeted products on field samples. These field samples were obtained by group sampling methods (surface sampling) and from core drilling and pit excavations of the following locations:

  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot from 03/25 to  04/17/2008
  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot from 07/08 to 07/24/2008
  • On site survey and exploration at Kaev Seima–Mondulkiri from 10/04 to 10/29/2008
  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot from 02/25 to 0 3/14/2009
  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot from 06 to 29/10/2009
  • On site research, survey and investigation at Samlot and Pailin with The Cambodia Environment Ministry delegation from 02/25 to 03/02/2009
  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot and Pailin from 06/15 to 07/07/2009
  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot and Pailin from 10/04 to 10/27/2009
  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot and Pailin from 03/08 to 03/23/2010
  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot and Pailin from 06/02 to 10/17/2010
  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot and Pailin from 09/02- 09/19/2010
  • On site survey and exploration at Samlot and Pailin from 02/21/ to 03/14/2011
  • On site exploration at Samlot and Pailin from 09/07 to 09/25/2011
  • On site exploration at Samlot and Pailin from 09/15 to 11/09/2012
  • On site experimental exploitation at Samlot and Pailin from 0/12 to 10/18/2013

Simultaneously MIGPLC also  constructed  and cleared mines and bombs of 35 km of roads from national highway 1 to MIGPLC mining concession site.

The conventional exploration methods that were initially used gave us very favorable results. To further verify the conventional survey findings, we engaged the professional expertise of Terra Insight Services, the world’s foremost global satellite exploration company in New York Terra uses the most advanced satellite technology to penetrate the earth’s crust, then the data is sent to their network of leading scientists and geologists around the globe for analysis to reveal the components and hidden resources. Half million dollar 170 -pages technical reports from Terra confirms our initial findings as well as unveiled additional high concentration deposits of gold and gemstones (ruby and sapphire) within MIGPLC mining concessions.


The preliminary calculation resources is based on results from on site and explorations of MIGPLC from 2007 to 20013 and on existing data and Tera analysis of STEP and all of available geological information.

The calculation is made for two groups of potential deposits based on 100 square kilometers or ( 10,000 hectares ).

Alluvial –deluvial deposits

In the river terrace (QIV1-2)  batture  (QIV2-3) and river bed in the Sangkae River System. River Terrace has an average height of 4-6 meters. Average width is 100 m. Average thickness is 4 m. Length alongside river is approximately 9500m. V=9500x5x100x4 =19,000,000 m3.

Gem  Content (est) : 0,2g/m3 x 19,000,000 m3 = 3,800 KG
Gold Content (est ) : 1g/m3 x19,000,000 m3 = 575,000  ounces
Recovery rate assumption :  60%



Area  20,000 ,000 m2
Thickness (eswt )3 m

Gem Content (est) weight 60,000,000 m3 x 0,15g/ m3 = 9,000 KG
Recovery rate assumption 60%


Area  : 5,000,000 m2
Thickness (est ) 5 m – Volume : 25,000,000 m3
1m3 = 2t
Total tonnage : 50,000,000 ton

Gold Content (est ) primary resources: 1,500,000 ounces
Recovery rate assumption 60%


Chief Investor and Contact  Information

  1. Investor and Mining Developer: The Millennium International Group, PLC, A Cambodia Public Limited Company ( MIGPLC )
  2. Chapter Capital: $100,000,000 USD | 400,000,000,000 Riels Rate: 4,000 USD
  3. Cambodia HQs Ofiice :  No 6  EO , 466 Street , Boeng Trabek Ward. Chamkamon District, Capital of Phnom Penh, The Kingdom of Cambodia
  4. US HQ: 19925 Stevens Creek Boulevard Suite #100, Cupertino, State of California 95014-USA
  5. Company Registration Number: No 4951/08E on 30th May, 2008 from The Cambodia Ministry of Commerce
  6. Website:
  7. Corporate Banking: MAY BANK
  8. Corporate Bank Account:


  1. Two Mining Concessions Covering an mining operation area of 274.41 sq.Km
  2. Exploration License from Ministry of Environment on May 2011
  3. Exploration Licenses from The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy on November 11th, 2011
  4. On site surveys and Explorations I, II, III Reports from MIGPLC.
  5. STEP (Sub Terrain Prospecting) satellite remote exploration and data to 1,000 meters deep from Tera Insights Services, Inc of New York – USA Phase 1 and 2 (2009-2010)


Investment Form
Capital from The Millennium International Group, PLC (MIG Cambodia) project financing and imported advanced equipments from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, US.

Investment Scale & Estimated Production
Consumer needs of gemstone and gold is increasing in both Southeast Asia and throughout the world. The Millennium International Group, PLC (MIG Cambodia) has invested in exploring and commercial exploiting gold-gemstone at Samlot-Pailin Battambang and Pailin provinces with advanced production line in order to produce 378kg gemstone and 519.5kg gold , 2,720 mt of inmenit and 81`6 mt zircon per year.

Constructing Location
Bolang village – Samlout District – Battambang Province – Cambodia.