Honeyberry Project Overview

Honeyberry is an existing café specializing in the best of Asian desserts, including roti, honeybread, ice cream, and flan; coffee and specialty drinks; and select savory entrees. The Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group, LLC (also referred to as “the Company”) developed a system using the “service trademark” for the operation of chain restaurants that sell Honeyberry dessert foods items and related products. Honeyberry operates and licenses others to operate a restaurant under the Honeyberry Trademark System. The Company will oversee the licensing and expansion of Honeyberry, before launching two of its own Honeyberry stores in Southern California. The Company will use Honeyberry’s signature recipes and proprietary interior design to offer customers the best tasting dishes in a welcoming, modern environment.

The Company will open two model Honeyberry locations in Irvine or the surrounding Orange County area. Irvine, California, has twice been named to CNNMoney’s best places to live in the United States. The area is known for its ample residential housing, employment opportunities, and excellent schools, making it a desirable area for families. The Company will capitalize on the large number of families residing in the area, who will serve as a primary market for Honeyberry. In Orange County, customers regularly spend 43% more than average Americans eating away from home. Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group will operate in the $41.2 billion Coffee & Snack Shops industry, within the next five years, this industry will see sales increase at a compound annualized rate of 2.6%. The first Honeyberry location will be at Arbor Village Shopping Center on Walnut and Jeffrey Rd, Irvine, CA 92618.

The Company has created a robust marketing campaign that capitalizes on the success Honeyberry has already enjoyed in Northern California. With the Service Trademark’s brand and logo already established, Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group will be able attract patrons who are already familiar with the quality and freshness of Honeyberry’s products. In addition, the Company will place advertisements in local papers, send direct mail to potential customers announcing its opening, distribute flyers and menus, and become a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The Company intends to use its marketing efforts to increase its customer base, as well as enable further expansion.

An experienced management board will oversee The Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group’s Honeyberry franchises. Dr. Robert Q Lam will serve as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel. He is a dynamic C-level executive with more than 45 years of experience in all aspects of entrepreneurial start-up operations, organizational structure and management, as well as international business development. Dr. Lam has been an executive at The Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group for nearly 20 years. He helped to mastermind a $1 billion investment in telecommunications in Vietnam, which helped to bring mobile services to the country.

Company Ownership

The Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of California.

The Company is owned by Dr. Robert Quang lam (51%), Mrs. Huong T. T. Truong (45%), Mr. Thai Truong (1%), and Ms. Anh Tran ( 3%).

Company Location

The Company is located at:
19925 Stevens Creek Boulevard # 100
Cupertino, CA 95014

Business Description

A sweet dish after a meal, or as a special treat, can make any day special. Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group is proud to bring delicious Asian desserts and entrees to Southern California through the popular Honeyberry  restaurant. With 16 independently owned and operated Honeyberry restaurants in Northern California, Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group is ready to expand the Honeyberry brand.

  • Trademark licensing
  • The System
    • Recipes, ingredients, and products proprietary specifications for preparation; business format: methods and standard operating procedures; marketing and sale of honeyberry products themselves.
  • Turnkey operations
  • Ongoing supplying of ingredients and proprietary products

The Company will also provide supplies, including such as cups, spoons, blenders, coffee machine, and fresh ice cream machines; specific equipment and accessories; and other procedures and confidential information.

After licensing Honeyberry’s signature recipes, turnkey systems, and branding, the Company will will launch two new model Honeyberry restaurants. Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group will adhere to Honeyberry’s turnkey operations and recipes to create modern, welcoming restaurants. The Company will use only the freshest ingredients to create Honeyberry’s signature dishes. The Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group intends to launch locations in Orange County and Irvine, California. Each restaurant will have ample seating for families and friends seeking a place to socialize and enjoy a tasty treat.

The Company believes it will take 12 months to launch two Honeyberry restaurants. The second Honeyberry location will feature a manufacturing plant for roti buns and shaved ice. This will serve as the supplier for up to 10 future Honeyberry stores.

Honeyberry Menu


Honeyberry’s Southern California locations will include its signature dessert offerings, as well as some exclusive offerings.

The Company’s specialty will be roti buns and Nitrogen ice cream. Nitrogen ice cream is made right in front of the customers at the time of orders. Instant and fresh, nitrogen ice cream is different from traditional ice cream as it is made from carefully chosen ingredients that creates the freshest ice cream with creamy texture.

The Company’s exclusive, made-from-scratch roti buns come in three different flavors: plain, chocolate butter and yogurt chip cream cheese. With the right amount of sweet added with the aroma of coffee, roti buns have been a hit and been loved by Northern California customers.

The following is an overview of what Millennium International Trading (U.S.) Group’s Honeyberry’s restaurants will have available for purchase:



  • Roti Bun
  • Roti Frutella
  • Roti Gelato Burger
  • Green Tea Honeybread
  • Roti Honeybread
  • Original Honeybread
  • Nitrogen ice cream
  • Waffle Gelato
  • Banana Split
  • Affogato
  • Coconut flan cake
  • Matcha green tea flan cake
  • Original flan cake
  • Flan jelly cake
  • Instant fresh ice cream (Nitrogen ice cream)


  • Royal egg rolls
  • Soy sauce chicken wings
  • Sticky rice with Vietnamese sausage
  • Veggie ramen
  • Banh Mi Vietnam


  • Coffee
  • Peach black tea
  • Green Thai milk tea
  • Apple black tea with mint
  • Strawberry black tea
  • Lychee black tea