Cambodia Gold & Gemstone Mining

The Millennium International Group PLC controls two gold and gemstone mining concessions projects in the Samlot and Pailin district, of the Battambang and Pailin Provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The mining area is characterized by alluvial and eluvia placers that were formed during the destruction of basaltic lavas. Extensive on-site exploration and survey work have been completed on these two licensed areas.

In addition, MIGPLC employed cutting edge remote satellite exploration technologies to identify and pinpoint highly prospective areas of gold, rubies and other mineralization potential content for industrial exploitation.


Honeyberry Restaurant Franchise Development

The Millennium International Trading Group has begun planning and franchise development for the popular Honeyberry Restaurants in California. With an estimated timeline of 2 years, The MIG Trading Group plans to move from a trademark licensor to a franchisor.


Nha Trang Luxury Resort

In a competitive world of luxury resort environments, The Millennium International Group, PLC’s Ong Hao Resort area on Van Phong Bay, located at Van Nihn District, Nha Trang, and Khanh hoa Province, Vietnam,  has the potential to stand alone. Our goal is to create a vibrant resort and eco-tourism destination that will set a benchmark for innovative and sustainable island development in Vietnam and the world.

Whether private resident or hotel guests, enlightened pleasures will ultimately include a world-class resort environment with soothing spas, pools that rate only second to the sea, open air beverage bars, exclusive tennis and beach clubs, a state-of-the-art marina and even a waterfront village with shops and dining experiences set into the beautiful Ong Hao lagoon.


The Millennium Stone Gate Sub-Division

The Millennium Real Estate Development Group, LLC, an Oregon Limited Liability Company, is developing a residential sub-division on 51.07 acres of vacant land in the Lakeview, Lake County, Oregon.